Heir of Fire Review

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Heir of Fire Cover

Spoiler Alert!

If you haven’t read any of the previous books in The Throne of Glass series, read at your own risk!

Heir of Fire Review

By: Claire Rankin

“She was the heir of ash and fire, and she would bow to no one.”

– Sarah J Maas

Ladies and gentlemen the third novel in the Throne of Glass series was released on September 2, 2014. (Yup, it been out a for a while now, but we’re gonna talk about it anyway!) The third installment leaves readers with a cliff hanger that will have fans gaping, wide eyed at the final page.

Heir of Fire includes your most beloved characters as well as introducing new ones that will win your heart as easily as the original cast did in Throne of Glass. While Celaena grapples with the events in Crown of Midnight she encounters her aunt Maeve, Queen of the Fae, as well as Rowan Whitehorn who is revealed to be a prince in his own right. The novel has its ups and downs much like Crown of Midnight, which is probably why readers will love it so much. Heir of Fire brings a somewhat realistic aspect to grief and character development, which, let’s face it, is why we love Sarah J. Maas as much as we do.

All our characters return with changes that will leave many yelling at the page. Chaol, Celaena, Dorian, Aedion Ashryver, Rowan Whitehorn and the King of Adarlan, who is seen more in this novel than either of the first two. Chaol must grapple with his loyalties and whether he is willing to go against all he grew up believing for the sake of his friends. Celaena must fight against her own fears as she brings her dark past into the open for all to know and see. Dorian finally finds happiness as he comes to terms with who he is and what he wants for both himself and his people. Aedion Ashryver, general, cousin, rebel and maybe lover, who is he really? He doesn’t know, and neither does the audience. Rowan Whitehorn, hard, immortal, and intolerant, but will his ties to Celaena prove to be the strongest of them all? Finally, the King of Adarlan whose evil reaches new depths as the audience discovers just what he made in the catacombs of the glass castle and how he plans to use the power he has obtained.

The new characters quickly win your heart and though they may not be present in Queen of Shadows, the fourth novel in the series, they will play integral roles in the growth of Celaena as she goes from teenager to woman. So far Heir of Fire is my favorite of the Throne of Glass series and I am already on page six of Queen of Shadows, the review is already available here. But as always I don’t want to you go on only my opinion. Hear what other said about the novel.

Official Reviews –

“The pages fly by. Series fans will be relieved to hear that this installment is only the halfway point, and thanks to Maas’ adroit plot maneuvers, well-wrought characters, and immersive world building, they’ll be positively hooked for the forthcoming volumes.” — Booklist

“Readers will devour Maas’s latest entry. The plot remains fast paced, balancing scenes of intense action with emotionally wrenching interactions between characters . . . A must-purchase.” — School Library Journal

“Tension snowballs into devastating twists and an absolutely riveting ending . . . Will leave readers ravenous for more.” — Kirkus Reviews

Heir of Fire can be purchased at bookstores such as Barnes & Noble, Amazon, etc. If you want to continue your journey along the Throne of Glass path please grab a copy and enjoy. If you want to start down the path, check out Throne of Glass and enjoy that as well. 🙂  

Throne of Glass Review

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Throne of Glass Cover

Throne of Glass Review

By: Lauren Hake

“We all bear scars,… Mine just happen to be more visible than most.”

—Sarah J. Maas

Last Month, Queen of Shadows was released by Sarah J. Maas, which is the fourth book in her Throne of Glass series. I know what might must be thinking—“if there was a fourth book, there must have been a first…” and you would be correct. That is why, this month I am going to be reviewing Throne of Glass, the first book in the series. Published in 2013, this book focuses on Adarlan’s Assassin, also known as Celeana Sardothien, who was once the greatest assassin in the world, until she was betrayed and thrown in prison.

Beautiful, witty, and badass, Celeana is (in my opinion) the kind of girl that everyone wants to be. She can do almost anything and is the most amazing fighter the Captain of the Guard Chaol (who is also a serious hotty) has ever seen. Celeana is given a second chance at life when Crown Prince Dorian (another heartthrob) comes and takes her out of the labor camp. Dorian wants Celeana to compete as his entry to be King’s Champion, who is essentially the king’s pet assassin.

In the beginning, Celeana’s job seems to be straightforward, she has to be the last one standing in this cutthroat competition, but as the storyline unfolds Celeana’s life becomes infinitely more complicated. First, there is her unexpected—and conflicting—feelings for Chaol (pronounced kay-all) and Prince Dorian, who are far more than they seem. There is also a foreign princess, forbidden magic, and intrigue.

From beginning to end you will not be able to put this novel down. In all honesty, I read the first three books in the series in three days. Maas knows how to draw in her readers with interesting main characters that are not only multifaceted but realistic. I would never imagine the world’s greatest assassin to be eighteen, blonde, and occasionally petty. There is also the amazing setting of Adarlan that Maas creates. A country that is ruled by a ruthless king who resides in a glass castle (hence how the book gets its name).

I read this book back in December of 2014, and it was the first thing that I talked about when I went back to school. Before long, I had all my roommates and friends addicted to this story. We were all clamoring for more, but we had to wait for September for the fourth book to come out. You have to read this book, for I can guarantee that it will stay with you far after you have finished.

Check out what the critics are saying:

“A must-read… Sarah J. Maas has created a truly remarkable heroine who doesn’t sacrifice the grit that makes her real in order to do what’s right in the end.”– USA Today

“A welcome breath of fresh air to the oft-neglected epic fantasy field… Hearkens back to the epic and high fantasy which laid the groundwork for the YA field.”— Tor.com

“Woven in the vein of a Tolkien fantasy… This commingling of comedy, brutality and fantasy evokes a rich alternate universe with a spitfire young woman as its brightest star.”— Kirkus Reviews

“Fans of Tamora Pierce and George R. R. Martin, pick up this book! The assassin heroine’s growth and multilayered secondary characters are amazing.”— RT Book Reviews, Top Pick

Crown of Midnight Review

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Crown of Midnight cover

Spoiler Alert!

If you haven’t read any of the previous books in The Throne of Glass series, read at your own risk!

Crown of Midnight Book Review

By: Claire Rankin

“Then Celaena and the King of Adarlan smiled at each other, and it was the most terrifying thing Dorian had ever seen.” — Sarah J. Maas

Ladies and gentlemen the second novel in the Throne of Glass series was released on August 15, 2013! Oh, and yes I know that was over two years ago! The much loved Throne of Glass was the precursor to this appropriate sequel, which will have certain fans squealing with pleasure and other fans gawking at the pages in frustration.

Crown of Midnight allows your favorite characters from Throne of Glass to return and discover things, about themselves and each other, that readers had never expected. Introducing new characters as well, Sarah J. Maas has written a beautiful intermediary novel allowing devoted readers a seamless bridge between Throne of Glass and Heir of Fire, the third installment of the series. I won’t lie and say the entire novel is riveting, because it does have moments of deliberate calm. But don’t be deceived, each calm gives way to a storm more turbulent then the last.

All your beloved characters return – Chaol, Celeana, Dorian, the King of Adarlan, and Nehemia. Chaol must choose between his allegiances. Dorian has to grapple with a lost inheritance that has resurfaced. Celeana must battle not only with the duties given to her by the king of Adarlan, but also those of Nehemia and Queen Elena. The King of Adarlan is up to his usual evil and Nehemia’s story becomes surrounded in more despair then, perhaps, them all.

Few new characters are introduced, as I mentioned it is an intermediary novel, but those that are play key roles in the lives of each character. The entire cast has been changed forever and readers enter the world of Adarlan again in a flurry of ups and downs in beautiful sequence. Personally, I found the novel, just as good or better than Throne of Glass, but don’t just take my word for it hear what other have had to say –

Official Review:

“Vivid Celaena, loving and brutally violent in turn, is a fully realized heroine. The ending comes at the right time—at the close of one storyline and prologue of another—to leave readers impatient for the next installment.” —Kirkus Reviews

Crown of Midnight can be purchased at bookstores including Barnes and Noble, Amazon, etc.

If you are interested go grab a copy and enjoy! 🙂

Queen of Shadows Review

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Queen of Shadows Cover

Spoiler Alert!

If you haven’t read any of the previous books in The Throne of Glass series, read at your own risk!

Queen of Shadows Book Review

“…when I make you moan, Aelin.” – Sarah J. Maas

It is here! On September 1, the long awaited fourth book, appropriately entitled Queen of Shadows, in Sarah J. Maas’s Throne of Glass series was released. *takes a moment of silence* Okay, I think I’ve recovered enough from my excitement to begin. I’ve been waiting for this book for about a year and let me tell you the wait was worth it – especially since the end of book three, Heir of Fire, had me like… WHAT!?

The 656 paged book picks up close to where the third book ended, where the long lost Queen of Terrasen, Aelin Ashryver Galathynius, is returning to Adarlan after overcoming her past and wayward magic. Her plan – to exact some pretty hefty revenge on her former master Arobynn Hamel, assassinate the King of Adarlan, rescue her cousin Aedion from execution, and save her friend the Crown Prince Dorian from a horrific fate. The odds aren’t exactly stacked in Aelin’s favor but Maas works the storyline and characters to weave it into a powerful tale of hope, loss, love, and redemption.

Queen of Shadows has favored returning characters, such as Chaol, Dorian, Aedion, and Rowan, along with further explored backgrounds of Lysandra and Mannon. Sam returns as a mentioned secondary character, just not in the way avid fans are hoping. Sorry everyone like Maas said in an interview – Sam is dead and not coming back. However his presence in the book strengthens the reasoning behind Aelin and the decisions she makes. It also shows how love doesn’t fully die. New characters, or rather returning characters from book one or the novellas, make an appearance starring Kaltain, Nesryn, and Elide.

The book switches perspectives to get a feel for what all the characters are going through whether they are in Adarlan or in Morath. Any surprises and new twists are tactfully done and really help move the progression along. Each character has a say, a story. Readers get to watch the characters grow in realistic ways making them seem real rather than fictional. There is Dorian who is losing himself to the darkness. Chaol is plunged into despair over past mistakes. Mannon has a choice to make between obeying her superiors and or standing up for her beliefs. Aedion who has to adjust after his dreams are unfulfilled… Need I say more?

I experienced a flurry of emotions throughout reading Queen of Shadows, especially during the last 100 pages of the book, but I highly suggest the series to any fantasy, romance, and adventure lovers out there.

Check out what the critiques are saying –

  • “Character motivations and interactions. . . are always nuanced and on point, especially as Aelin’s growing maturity offers her new perspectives on old acquaintances. . . Impossible to put down.” (Kirkus Reviews)
  • “Fans of the high-fantasy series likely won’t mind the protracted story at all, packed as it is with brooding glances, simmering sexual tension, twisty plot turns, lush world building, and snarky banter. . . The final chapters of this installment promise more epic adventures and badder bad guys to defeat in forthcoming volumes.” (Booklist)

On a final note – Queen of Shadows can be purchase at bookstores like BN.com, Amazon, or borrowed from your local library.

So what are you waiting for? Go out and get your copy today!

Happy reading everyone!