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The World Of All Souls Tour Recap

By: Stephanie


Deborah Harkness, author of the brilliant All Souls trilogy, concluded her The World Of All Souls Tour on May 17, 2018 by returning home to Philadelphia.  As a fellow Philadelphian and fan of the All Souls trilogy, I was ecstatic to learn that my local independent bookstore, Towne Book Center & Café, was hosting the tour’s last stop.  Actually, it was more like I ascended into book heaven; having the opportunity to meet Deborah Harkness in the comfort of my favorite bookstore is what I would consider a win-win.

On the day of the event, Towne Book Center & Café was alive with activity and anticipation.  The bookstore’s typical tranquil atmosphere had literally transformed into an overcrowded environment of excitement and enthusiasm all in the span of a night.  The audience, comprised of passionate and dedicated All Souls fans, had all congregated to the bookstore for one purpose, to meet the brilliant mind behind their favorite world.  The eagerness and overall joy was palpable the minute you stepped through the store’s threshold; the smiles on people’s faces, the stacks of well-loved books waiting to be signed, and the profound conversations taking place between strangers.  This accepting and comforting environment is just one of the many powers storytelling has; bringing people together.  I commented to one of the booksellers about the impressive turnout and learned that some patrons had even been camping out since early in the afternoon.  The lengths we bookish nerds go to for our favorite books is truly inspiring!

As Deborah Harkness steps onto the makeshift stage, the audience erupts into applause.  Everyone is excited, even Deborah Harkness herself as she smiles to her loving fans.  After the initial rounds of gratitude, Harkness delves into the story of how she developed the story behind A Discover Of Witches.  Some of the more notable key factors of the tale’s development include her background in history and her unwavering ability to go off on tangents.  She mentions that her complex world building is all thanks to her round-a-bout thinking; while expanding on one aspect, she finds herself questioning a whole other aspect.  Harkness also discusses the upcoming television show.  While she cannot go into specifics (for legal reasons), she does give her praise for the entire cast.  In her opinion, the cast does an excellent job bringing these characters to life.  Their portrayals will make every fan proud.  Furthermore, she recalls when Matthew Goode auditioned for the role of Matthew Clairmont.  In her perspective, Matthew Goode is the perfect person for the role of Matthew Clairmont; not only does he flawlessly embody the soul of the character, but he also is a phenomenal actor.  Hearing her undeniable faith in the show is a relief since I was initially skeptical.  If she believes in the show, then so do I.

times covert coverFollowing the television discussion, Deborah Harkness graced the enthralled audience with a reading of the first chapter of her newest novel, Time’s Convert.  For the subsequent fifteen minutes, I was transported into the story, experiencing the struggles of a romance between a human and a vampire.  When the chapter was over, I immediately went through withdrawal.  How am I supposed to be satisfied with just that one (amazing) chapter?  It is going to be a long three months until I can read more.  As the night settled down, Deborah Harkness lead a quick Q&A session.  There were a variety of great questions; some about the audiobook and some about the publishing process.  However, my favorite question was from a little boy who asked if Walt Disney was a daemon or not.  Spoiler alert, Walt Disney is not a daemon!

Once the panel’s festivities had concluded, the autographing portion of the night commenced.  As the proud holder of ticket #5, I was able to get my books signed relatively early.  When it was my turn to approach her table, I was initially in shock (think deer in headlights).  Deborah Harkness probably recognized this (and is probably used to this reaction) and graciously broke the ice by asking simple questions, like “how are you” and “did you enjoy the panel”.  Once I gained control of my senses, I was able to ask her some questions of my own.  For instance, I asked if she would be back in Philadelphia for her Time’s Convert tour.  Luckily, she said there is a good chance of her returning to her hometown for a visit!  With my signed books in hand and a smile on my face, I said farewell to Deborah Harkness by expressing my gratitude for her time and reiterating my undying appreciation for her brilliant work.

Overall, The World Of All Souls tour was phenomenal.  It was an incredible experience that made my bookish heart sing in delight.  The reassurance of the televisions show’s authenticity, the short glimpse into the story of Time’s Convert, and meeting Deborah Harkness herself made this event truly unforgettable.



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Interview: Meet A.C. Salter

Author Interview

Snapchat-1002300857200055790-1-1.jpgMeet A.C. Salter

I’m a daydreamer – always have been and always will be. I was the boy at school who was constantly being told by the teacher to pay attention when my mind was elsewhere having adventures. When I left school, I briefly trained to be a mechanic, but I knew I wanted to see the world. After turning 18, I joined the army and had real-life adventures. Throughout my military career I served in many countries in Europe and the middle East as well as being attached to the special forces for the conflict in Sierra-Lione. But while experiences these real-life adventures, I found that my mind still wandered to creating imaginary worlds and stories. That was when I knew I wanted to be a writer.

Since leaving the armed forces, I settled down in the Cotswolds and now live with my loving wife and four children, as well as a grumble of three pugs.

Links: My website is Where you can also buy personalised signed copies of my books.
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The Interview

“… when the darkness whispers her name – Run!” This gave me chills! How did Eversong come to be?

Like a lot of writing projects, I had embarked on in the past, Eversong started out as something completely different. Many years ago, I attempted to write a fantasy novel based around warrior judges known as Shadojaks. It was set in the world of Thea and had the usual elves, fairies, ogres and fire breathing dragons. But as it was my first novel, I struggled to complete it. My mind being what it is, I had already plans for another book which was set in our own world and was more of a paranormal thriller. It was some years later, and a few more failed attempts at finishing the book, that I realised that it was more an urban fantasy and as the story went on – inside my head at this point – I brought in characters and sub-plots from my original book and Eversong simply flowed out with ease.


Why did you pick the sense of hearing, and in conjunction the usage of songs, to portray your MC and as a major plot theme?

The usage of songs, or in particular – the Eversong – came about as an idea born from Elora (the main protagonist) herself. Eversong was sung originally by the god Minu, thousands of years ago at the foot of the well of redemption. It was a kind of spell to ward of evil and keep the worlds in equilibrium. If Minu was to stop singing, a darkness would descend upon mankind and throw the worlds into Chaos. Descendants of Minu continued the song, never once allowing it to end and so it went on until the present day. Somehow Elora knew the song and sung it herself outside Gloucester Cathedral, becoming the catalyst for events that would bring the worlds of Earth and Ethea together.


Has your experience in the army helped or hindered any battle scenes you write?

My experience in the army helped a great deal when writing a battle scene or action sequence. Although sometimes there might be a fight between an elf and human, sword and gun, I tried to keep the action as real as possible – having a knowledge of weapons and their capabilities was a help. But also, the emotional side of the army helped: long lonely hours alone, the hard turmoil of struggling alongside a brother soldier, feeling utter exhaustion and pushing yourself to the brink of your abilities in enemy territory. And the fear that comes with knowing that somebody is trying their hardest to kill you.


What do you think are the most important and least important things to remember while writing a trilogy?

I think the most important thing to grasp while writing a trilogy is that you have enough material, or at least a general sense of where the story is going and how book three ends. Before finishing Eversong, I already knew the ending of Ethea (Book 3). This also helps with any twists you want to put in. Having said that, there is a joy to letting your characters have freedom. Some of my better twists have come about by giving free rein to my protagonist and allowing them to speak for themselves.


Is there any future projects that you can share with us today?

I’ve at least another five books to follow the trilogy, although these won’t be another trilogy, but a continuation of the series. Winters End, which I am currently writing, shall be released in June. Dylap, a fairy-tale that was released last year shall also have another two books to follow. Subsequently, I’ll be offering the ebook version of Dylap for free in a promotion in May.



From the Sky & Equinox (Beyond Moondust Trilogy #1&2) Tour + Author Fun Facts

Blog Tour

FromTheSkyRedo_Nicassio_EBOOK_newquote.jpgFrom the Sky (Beyond Moondust Trilogy #1)
by J.E. Niccasio
Genre: YA Sci-fi/Romance


From the Sky from best-selling author J.E. Nicassio writes the kind of close encounter that will leave readers spellbound. 

When high school junior, Samantha Hunter, and her father move to New Mexico, it’s a chance to leave tragedy behind and start over. However, the arrival of a dark-haired stranger changes everything. Lucien introduces Sam to the prospect of enjoying life again, and to the hidden world of aliens. But crazier than that, Lucien doesn’t feel entirely like a stranger. Redemption and romance follow Sam in her new life as she works to understand the alien-human romance she’s developing—a romance that feels beyond her control. There’s something bigger happening around her, and to her, too, and this is just the beginning…. 

—J. E. Nicassio packs in the action like a superhero movie— From the Sky has all the hallmarks of a Hollywood blockbuster—ready to light up the sky like a fleet of UFOs. “A must read! It had me from the very beginning to the last word. Every page had a plot twist and turn to make my imagination run wild.”  —Online Book Nicassio is a freelance writer and MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) Field Investigator in Pittsburgh, PA, where she resides with her mother, two sons, and German Shepherd, Ava. She loves writing and is passionate about creating stories that entertain and comes straight from the heart. Her Children’s book, Rocky (About Rockefeller Center and a tiny Christmas tree named Rocky) made the Amazon Top Ten Christmas Book List in 2016.

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From the Sky | Equinox

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Equinox july 14.jpgEquinox (Beyond Moondust Trilogy #2)

by J.E. Niccasio


“Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the universe, or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.” Author C. Clarke. 

From the Sky Saga Continues! The day after the winter solstice, Samantha Hunter is found naked and bleeding in a remote cabin in the Sandia Mountains of New Mexico. As Sam works to understand what’s happened to her, she is whisked into the Underground—a secret community of scientists, civilians, and aliens that are connected to her story and to the alien boy she’s in love with—Lucien. This is where the fight begins, and Sam must decide what price she’s willing to pay for life and love. 

“Equinox gives the reader a totally different way of thinking about extraterrestrials. Anyone with interest in the possibility of life outside this planet—and for those who love a great romance—this book for you. It is exceptionally written and will leave you wanting more!” —Kelly Fait Goodreads “American teenagers have to grow up fast because dark forces are out to get them—J.E. Nicassio gives us a fast-paced and exciting tale full of car chases, close calls, and the angst of star-crossed love. Teens and even older readers will love From the Sky.” —Ray Simmons for Readers’ Favorite

About the Author

E. is the bestselling author of the From The Sky series and was listed as one of the top 1000 authors on Amazon in 2015, and was Amazon all-star top ten-holiday children books for Rocky: The Rockefeller Christmas in 2016. She is a freelance writer and MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) Field Investigator in Pittsburgh, PA where she resides with her mother, two sons, and German Shepherd Ava. She loves writing and is passionate about creating stories that entertain and comes straight from the heart.

Author Links:

Website . Goodreads . Twitter . Facebook

Guest Post (aka Fun Facts)

5 things the main character loves secretly (guilty pleasures)…

  1. Potato chips and Ice cream
  2. Dr. Pepper
  3. Eating cake late at night in bed watching Days recorded
  4. Skittles
  5. Bubble baths!



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From the Falls Release Day Blitz

Blog Blitz

falls banner


To The Falls

The Falls Trilogy: Book One

By: Heather Renee

Sale Date: August 4th, 2017

Genre: YA  Fantasy


falls cover 1

Back Cover Copy

Kaliah “Kali” Atwater is awaiting two things, finishing sophomore year in college and her upcoming twentieth birthday. The day before Kali’s birthday, she finds out that the dream she’s had every night for almost a year of a beautiful land, isn’t a fantasy at all. It’s her birth place.
Every twenty years a new generation of Guardians return to Arvata to bring life back to their world and renew the magic of the Falls. Now it’s Kali’s turn, but dark magic has made its way into her new home preventing the Falls from replenishing.
Kali must accept the role assigned to her by the Fates or let Arvata crumble. Can she and her friends save Arvata in time? Will new love make her stronger? Or will the darkness finally win?

Only the Fates know for sure…

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From The Falls

The Falls Trilogy: Book Two

By: Heather Renee

Release Date: August 4th, 2017

Genre: YA Fantasy

falls cover 2

Back Cover Copy
After defeating the darkness that endangered the Falls, Arvata is thriving once again. With the turmoil behind her, Kali is finally getting a handle on being an Elder, finding ways to master her Arelia abilities while enjoying her blissful life as a newlywed. The only thing missing is the town healer who mysteriously left a year ago without reason.

But Lorelle returns with grave news, and she requires help from the Elders with her mission. Half-Guardians, hybrids unknown to Kali’s world, are in danger and time is running out to protect them from a greater evil lurking in the Otherworld. Possessing powers unlike full Guardians, it is us up to Kali and her friends to figure out how to protect them, and prevent more from being created.

Trust must be earned. Unseen powers will emerge. Loved ones’ lives will be threatened.

Will the risk be worth it in the end?

Buy Links: Amazon (Kindle Unlimited)
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Author Bio:

Heather Renee is a new indie author that lives in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest in Oregon. She writes YA Fantasy that has a mixture of suspense, humor and a little romance.

When Heather’s not writing, she is spending time with her beautiful daughter and an amazing husband. Two cats, and a dog who loves the snow complete their household. On weekends if she doesn’t have a book in her face, you can find Heather going on different adventures with her family. Her favorite being hiking to Multnomah Falls.

She loves to hear from her fans, so visit her webpage and the Contact Me link for ways to connect.

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Meet Author Karina Sumner-Smith

Author Interview, Misc.

Meet Karina Sumner-Smith.

Karina Sumner-Smith.JPG

Karina Sumner-Smith is the author of the Towers Trilogy from Talos Press: Radiant, Defiant, and Towers Fall. In addition to novel-length work, Karina has published a range of science fiction, fantasy, and horror short stories that have been nominated for the Nebula Award, reprinted in several Year’s Best anthologies, and translated into Spanish and Czech. She lives in Ontario near the shores of Lake Huron.

Author links:

Now onto the interview!

Is your writing process the same or different when writing a short story or a novel?

Different. Always different!

Generally, I think of a short story as using the fewest possible words, characters, scenes, etc., to create a specific emotional response in the reader. Often, all I know about the story when I start is the idea, the tone, and the emotional note that I want to strike in the ending.
Novels, understandably, are more complex. It’s not about supporting a single emotional reaction in the reader, but many emotions—a progression of feeling. While the biggest payoff may be in the ending, the story necessarily has many smaller emotional arcs throughout. The writing process is all about juggling these different factors, all the mini-stories and subplots, to create a compelling whole.

But while I’ve found that there are huge differences between writing a short story and writing a novel, there are also huge differences between writing one short story and another, one novel and another. Sometimes those differences are even more noticeable.

Many writers like to talk about process; I know that I do. Yet in those conversations, we tend to get hung up on categories and comparisons. Think about the process questions we most often ask. Do you outline or create the story as you go? How much do you know about the world, characters, and plot ahead of time? How much of your process is writing and how much is revision? (Etc. Etc.) The thing is, I think that all of these things are fluid—not only differing between one writer and the next, but between one work and another.

And it can be hard, I think, when we think of writing as a set process to deal with the fact that individual stories, long and short, progress differently. I’ve written stories where the scenes flowed like water; where I could barely type fast enough to keep up with the words. Other stories I’ve had to pull from my brain painfully, word by word, and then shape and re-shape from the muddle of sentences I’ve found on the page. None of these things is wrong, even when they’re challenging or distressing. There isn’t one right process, not even for an individual; there’s only what you have to do to get that particular story onto the page.

Did freelance writing inspire you to write your own stories? If not, what got you started in freelance writing? What got you started in writing your own stories?

Oh, no, I’ve been writing stories since I was thirteen! I’d probably have been writing even earlier if I’d realized that I could write a story just because I wanted to, rather than to complete a school assignment.

It sounds silly now, but what actually got me started writing on my own was finding an ad for a vanity publisher in the back of a magazine. Now, of course, the ad was for a total scam (I found that out later), but seeing a so-called publisher searching for writers made me realize that anyone could be an author, even me. All you had to do was write a book.

Of course, learning to write well—to rewrite and revise, to create compelling characters, to devise interesting plots, and all the rest—was a much longer journey. It’s a journey I’m very definitely still on, to be honest, but that was the start of it.

Freelance writing is more a matter of necessity. I spent about a decade of my career doing one form of business writing or another. Proposal writing, primarily, but also marketing and corporate communications. I wrote constantly—long hours to meet intense deadlines, creating these massive documents in just a few days—but what I really wanted to do was write novels. My first book, Radiant, actually took me about four years to write and revise because my day job took up most of my time and almost all of my mental capacity.

There came a point that I realized that my day job would eat every free moment that I allowed it to—and that, for all that I was physically writing day in and day out, I was getting no closer to my long-held dream of becoming a novelist. So, after a long talk with my husband and some careful work with our finances, I quit my job and we moved out of the city so that I could focus on my writing career. Now my time is split: freelance business writing part of the time (to pay the bills) and writing fiction the rest of the time.

Tell us about your journey as an author. How did it feel to get published the first time?

When I started writing at thirteen, I thought my journey would have me publishing short stories in my mid-teens and publishing my first novel in my early twenties. Life had other ideas.

I did actually sell my first short story at 19—after actively submitting for four years, and gathering about a hundred rejections. I remember staring at the letter in shock for a long moment before I understood what it meant. Not a rejection, not a “close but not quite” note, but an acceptance. They were going to publish my story! I did the only reasonable thing: gasped, laughed hysterically, and ran to tell my mom.

(This is actually one of the reasons why I’m so involved in the Alpha Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Workshop for Young Writers, which is an 11-day summer writing workshop for teens held at the University of Pittsburgh’s Greensburg campus. Age is no barrier to success!)

Publishing novels, however … well. First I had to figure out how to actually write a novel. This took many attempts; I have dozens of failed books saved on my computer, some 30k, 40k words or more. And, like I said above, life got in the way. I wrote slowly when I had time to write at all. It’s not always an easy journey, becoming a professional author. Much of it is just slowly putting one word after another, however and whenever you can.

How do you deal with criticism? How do you feel about criticism? Is there anything you’d like to tell fellow writers when they deal with a bad review?

I think that my response depends on what you mean by “criticism”. There is a definite emotional difference between receiving critical feedback from someone who wants to help you with a piece during the writing or revision processes and reading a review of a published work.

The upside of gathering a stack of hundreds of rejections before even seriously attempting a novel-length work is that, by that point, I figured I was bullet proof. Yes, sometimes a particular rejection made me sad, but I knew it wasn’t personal. The rejection didn’t even necessarily mean that the story was bad, or had no promise; only that it didn’t fit that particular editor’s needs at that particular time.

I figured that reading reviews of my book would be similar. Take the good, leave the bad, move on. Bullet proof.

I was very wrong about that.

On the one hand, I have found reading some reviews of my published works to be helpful. It can be useful to see how readers engage—or fail to engage—with a work; to see what connected with them or went over their head, what they loved or hated, what made them roll their eyes or put the book down in boredom. Validation can be great, as can finding opportunities for improvement in future works. I do truly value reader feedback.
But (of course there was going to be a “but” here) what I had to learn through a painful process of trial and error is that sometimes a critical review is the very last thing I need to see. On a day when I’m struggling with my writing, or am experiencing trouble in my personal life—on a day when I’m just not in a good mental place—a critical review can be the thing that shuts me down. Bam. No more words that day; maybe no more productivity for a few days, a week, or more.

Every reader is entitled to their reactions, good, bad and in-between. I’m glad there are opportunities for readers to share reviews and thoughts with each other; this is absolutely critical to a healthy marketplace. But, as a writer, I don’t necessarily need to see that feedback—and, frankly, it’s not my place to engage with it at all.

What was your favorite book or short story to write? Why was it your favorite?

I’m not sure that I have a favorite, especially because as time passes it becomes harder to remember the writing process versus the final product. Stories that I love were not always the easiest or the most fun to write!

I will say, though, that I wrote a short story last year that ended up on the page much the way I first imagined it—which can be rare. The story is “The Oracle and the Warlord,” and it’s going to appear in The Sum of Us: Tales of the Bonded and Bound, a science fiction and fantasy anthology about caregivers for mental illness and disability. It’s an exciting project, and I’m very glad that the editors thought my story was a good fit.

Is there anything else you want to share?

I just wanted to say thank you for your thought-provoking questions, and my apologies for my rambling answers! I appreciate you sharing your online space with me.

Thank you again for taking the time to answer these questions Karina!

It was great chatting with you!

The Last Winter Moon Promo

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The Last Winter Moon cover.pngThe Last Winter Moon (The Cycle of the Six Moons #3)
By Adelle Yeung
Genre: YA Fantasy
Release Date: November 11th 2016

Summary from Goodreads:

The Goddess of Starrs has vanished…

Arriscyal has fallen…

Gediyon is missing…

Dreana holds the answers to everyone’s pasts…

When Michelle returns to Starrs, the world is in chaos. No one knows who to trust, and even faith in their Goddess has dwindled. Michelle must reveal the truth of the Cycle; only then can she hope to unite everyone.

The Sixth Moon looms overhead. The end of the Cycle is nigh. Michelle and Jayse must stop it once and for all.

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Teaser 3.png

Excerpt from Chapter Three: The Ascension Plan
“You should, perhaps, be a little more concerned for yourself, Michelle, as your blood will aid my ascension as your next god.”
He grabs me by my hair and drags me through the doors back into the hall. I feel my blood smearing across the floor. The king barely acknowledges the slaughtered men in the other hall, and he drags me past them.
“He’s dead,” I hiss. “Your true god is dead. You can’t replace him. You’re nothing. Your powers aren’t even real.”
He laughs. “The truth will be more painful than anything you hear from me, Michelle. There is always a way.” He grabs me by the collar of my shirt and shoves me face-first into the floor. His foot stomps onto my back, the impact sending stars flying before my eyes, and I can’t help but shriek as I feel his fingers dig into the wound of my back.
I manage to raise my eyes to his. The light of the hall pulses with my heartbeat. As if his hand is smeared with honey, he licks my blood clean from his palm.
I’ve never felt more violated.
I can tell from the look in his eyes that this is just the appetizer to the feast he has planned.
I’m too weak to stop him from throwing me into another elevator behind me. He locks the lever into the down position, then he slams the gate shut.
“I’ll be with you soon,” his sing-song voice echoes down the shaft, “then you will feel the authenticity of the power I have over you.”

Darkness eats the last trickle of light.


The Starriest Summer (The Cycle of the Six Moons #1) on Goodreads
An Eclipsing Autumn (The Cycle of the Six Moons #2) on Goodreads


The Starriest Summer:



24922-adelle2byeungAbout the Author
Adelle Yeung is the author of The Cycle of the Six Moons trilogy, a young adult fantasy adventure.

She is also a voice-over artist who can’t go a day without a cup of tea. When she’s not writing or recording, she enjoys sewing costumes, baking sweets, and escaping on video game adventures. She lives in California with a cat that dreams of eating the pet bird.

She has provided script supervision for the independent animation, Shattered Heaven, and is head script editor and one of the co-writers for the upcoming game Fiona Frightening and the Wicked Wardrobe.

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