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Reader Reviews for Shadowspeak

“A daring and uniquely told story, full of fascinating characters and heartbreaking betrayals. Follow Rune, a broken young woman struggling to regain what’s been stolen from her, as she descends into Hel in this Norse-inspired tale.” 

–Jill Criswell, author of the Frozen Sun Saga 

Reader Reviews for Itchy Pants

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ANLOB is dedicated to setting up authors for success by guiding them through the process of drafting to a finished manuscript.

Mission Statement for A New Look On Books

Editing Packages Overview

The Content Edit Package

Though this package is much like The Reader package, I will go deeper into the manuscript with my commenting, editing, and suggestions on different sentence structures, character issues, plot changes and holes, scene additions, and more.

The Reader Package

As your reader, I will read through the manuscript to check for missing or changed details, unexplained plot holes, delivered and undelivered story arc promises, and overall plot and character development content.

The Writer Companion Package

Lost within the pages of your manuscript? Not sure where your characters are hiding? Overall feeling stuck and unsure on what to do next? This package is for you!

The Evaluator Package

Just finished your latest draft? Just finished a reread and while everything seems fine, something is still missing? Have no fear, a manuscript evaluation may be just what you need.

Editing Testimonials

Courtney M.

“Raven did an awesome job with her edits. You can visually see her professionalism on sentence structure and suggestions, as well as overall kindness that she puts out there for others. I am very thankful to come across her information and highly recommend her services.”

R. Bazylak @bazlactica

“Rae’s sample edit exceeded my expectations. To say that her instincts were spot-on is an understatement. She immediately “got” my characters, had a sense of where I was going, and offered suggestions that immediately tightened up my manuscript.  If you’re searching for a qualified and passionate editor who will challenge you to make your book better, look no further.”

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