Intertwined Review


Intertwined Review

By: Rae


“Wouldn’t you rather play the game? Learn why I was cast to begin with? There is a reason. I promise you that.” – Jenn Marie, Intertwined


Sometimes plans just go awry. 17-year-old Elizabeth Parker expected the usual when she went to spend the summer with her aunt and cousin April. It was supposed to be relaxing, danger free, and full of laughter. When adventurous April reveals a secret hazing invite she received to spend a night in at a local haunted plantation, Elizabeth freaks. Taunted and teased as fearaphobic, Elizabeth worries herself to the point of intervening to protect her cousin. Mistaken as April, Elizabeth is blindfolded and gagged – soon finding herself locked inside the mansion. As the residual haunting starts, Elizabeth encounters Adam and the real nightmare begins. When the haunting deviates from the cycle, Elizabeth soon finds herself facing curses, reincarnations, and a secret that has taken centuries to come to light.

From the start of Intertwined, readers are thrown into the drama and horror of a residue haunting with a twist. The opening encounter was dizzying with a lot of open ended concerns and questions that are later answered throughout plot reveals in the story.  At first I worried the opening was an info dump, but later saw how nicely the story progresses at a speed that needs to match the timeline involved. Tidbits are given to keep a reader interested and that ending… I didn’t even know there was a book two. Now I have to wait to see what else is in store for Elizabeth and Adam.

Elizabeth I really want to reflect on because of her relatability and changeable qualities. While I’m partial to Adam, the bad boy with anger issues, black clothes, and desire to protect Elizabeth, I connected with Elizabeth on a more personal level. I could understand her through her fears, determination, and desire to protect the people she cares about. Anything she questions, while nerve-wracking at times, proves the fact she is just a teenage girl trying to deal with way too much. I’m back and forth on her introduction though. I keep thinking her ability to work through her terror at being kidnapped and locked in a haunted house didn’t quite mesh with the emphasis on her fear of danger, that perhaps then she adapted too quickly. But aside from her initial start Elizabeth blooms into a dynamic character that is at war with her ghostly self. Ghostly self you ask? Read Intertwined to find out. J

The supernatural elements of Intertwined also intrigue me. The flashbacks were a nice touch, having been written through personal everyday objects with memories attached to them. Also, their explanation and length were just right to keep the suspense going but help the reader understand what was going on. Plus, personifying a curse into a dark entity… Yes! But I can’t say more without giving anything away.

A supernatural, paranormal, romance with a twist, Intertwined left me questioning the logistics of curses, the power behind family ties, the madness of revenge, and a desire for answers.

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